The Center is a proud community partner of this year’s Tadaima! Community Virtual Pilgrimage program coordinated by Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimages (JAMP).

TADAIMA! A Community Virtual Pilgrimage


In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, each of the annual pilgrimages to sites of wartime Japanese American incarceration have been canceled. These pilgrimages provide important educational and community-building opportunities for descendants of the camps, the Japanese American community as a whole, and the wider public.

Recognizing the ongoing significance of these pilgrimages, we are excited to invite you to: “Tadaima! A Community Virtual Pilgrimage,” which will take place from June 13th – August 16th, hosted on the Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimages (JAMP) website.

The 9-week virtual event will feature various online programs for participants to attend and connect with members of the community while learning and sharing experiences from the WWII incarceration camps. Programs are planned for almost every day, so be sure to check the calendar on the JAMP website to see the complete schedule of planned online activities!



This is a collaborative undertaking that brings together representatives from many different parts of the Nikkei community as well as scholars, artists, and educators committed to actively memorializing the history of Japanese  American incarceration during WWII.


Rinko Shimasaki Enosaki has attended the Jerome/Rohwer pilgrimage two years in a row! In 2019, she brought two of her grandchildren for their first pilgrimage. Listen to how the experience changed how they see their grandmother.

Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimages


Our purpose is to create a centralized website that promotes pilgrimages and educates people about the WWII Japanese American incarceration camps. As a resource for all the pilgrimages, we provide pertinent information on traveling including dates, costs, registration and lodging. We will conduct interviews to share the pilgrimage experience in order to encourage the younger generations to attend and learn more about their families’ legacies. The interviews will be presented in short documentaries designed to express the importance of pilgrimage as a way to learn about this piece of America’s history. Our stories will not only focus on survivors, but also how the incarceration continues to impacts their descendants and our society as a whole.

For more information and to register for Tadaima! Virtual Community Pilgrimage online programs, go to the JAMP website at: