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Colma Cemetery Clean-up/Colma墓場掃除


Saturday, May 16, 2020
10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.
1300 Hillside Blvd., Colma, CA 94014
Click here for directions to the cemetery

Often times we find ourselves too busy in our daily lives to honor our past and remember those who have passed on.  The Japanese Cemetery in Colma is a unique cultural treasure that deserves our attention, our respect, OUR TIME.  The place represents our history, our loved ones, friends and family.  For many of us, it's the place where our grandparents, great grandparents, parents, family and friends are laid to rest.  For all of us, the loved ones that rest there represent our history.


The JCCCNC organizes this youth, family and community Clean-Up Day at the Japanese Colma Cemetery in Colma annually. It is typically held on the Saturday one week BEFORE Memorial Day Weekend.

Help clean the cemetery and honor our past and remember those who have passed on.

Light lunch, drinking water, garbage bags, tools, cleaning supplies, watering buckets, rags, and flowers will be provided.  Please bring your own gloves and reusable water bottle.  We have a limited number of tools, so feel free to bring your own, but make sure to put your name on them.

Location: Japanese Cemetery, 1300 Hillside Blvd, Colma, CA.
Fees: Free and open to the public

More info: Please register by calling (415) 567-5505 or email Jennifer Hamamoto to volunteer today!


日々忙しくて、亡くなったコミュニティの方々への参拝や、ゆっくり思い返す時間がないのではありませんか?JCCCNCでは、Colmaの日系・日本人墓地を大切に思っており、敬うべき貴重な場所だと思っております。JCCCNCは毎年大切なコミュニティーの方々を思うため、Colma日系・日本人墓地の清掃活動をしております。毎年の土曜日、Memorial Day Weekendの一週間前に開催しております。お掃除の道具などは用意しておりますが、数が限られているため、ご自身の道具を持ってのご参加をおすすめしています。軽食、水、袋、バケツ、雑巾、参拝用の花なども用意してあります。

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Donate to the Japanese Cemetery Clean-up program (select "Colma Cemetery Clean-up" under designation)

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