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100% of your membership dues directly help fund Center programs and events, allowing us to continually offer diverse cultural, educational, recreational and social activities at affordable rates. In order to fulfill our commitment to our community, we rely on continued support of our members.


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Along with priority registration and discounted rates for our programs, we have an ever-expanding list of discounts on travel, entertainment and a variety of products and services from both local and nationwide merchants.



Center Membership offers a number of benefits and discounts in travel, dining, and more with participating local businesses.


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Stories From Our Members

"My family has been active in the Japantown community since the 1930s, through Konko Church, Troop 58, the Associates and the JCCCNC. We have been fortunate to reap many benefits through our participation in this community. I felt that it was important for me to actively contribute and "give back." Being a member of the Board of Directors has allowed me this opportunity. I have many fond memories as a Board Member, but I think seeing the younger generations learn, participate and grow from the programs at the Center is the most rewarding."

David Fukuda
Center Board Member, since 2005

"Three years ago I moved to San Francisco. I became a member of JCCCNC because I am interested in supporting the Japanese and Asian community in San Francisco, as well as the surrounding Bay area. I think the history of the Japanese people in America, especially California, needs to be remembered. Being a member helps me support this goal and keeps me in the loop about events that are happening."

Center Member since 2004

"Our son became a member of JCCCNC in Spring 2000 and attended the Halloween Festival, Christmas shows, and other festivals events organized by JCCCNC (such as The 2000 Kids' Run and fund raising at Yerba Buena Garden). We've received so much support from staff members over the years. Thank you to the JCCCNC staff for their dedication."'

Center Member since 2000

"The main reason I joined was due to the fact that JCCCNC is doing a very good job in keeping the community informed of the cultural sector of our heritage and the activities are plentiful, as well as enriching to all ages. The little that I contribute is my way of expressing and supporting such a program that I had experienced in my teens while living in Hunters Point after Topaz (relocation camp) and the West Coast was again opened to us - nowhere to relocate, we were placed in Hunters Point and Japantown was the place to go for us. Although I live outside San Francisco, I still feel that I can give a bit to your wonderful programs and planning ahead for things to come!"

Center Member since 1992


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