Annual Support Drive

June 1, 2021 - January 31, 2022


We hope this letter continues to find you safe and well.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is like nothing we could have ever imagined in our lifetime. The Center canceled its programs and closed its doors four days before the citywide shelter-in-place went into effect, out of concern for the safety of our participants and members of the community.

With so much uncertainty and no apparent end in sight, the financial impact on the Center will be devastating. Reaching out to everyone the Center has touched over the years is our only hope.

We are making an urgent plea for you to consider making a donation to our Spring Annual Support Drive.

“A Community Center involves people interacting with other people.”

Even once the shelter-in-place order is lifted, and should social distancing continue between each other, we would be forced to cancel additional programs and rentals for several months. It will also be physically impossible to host our largest fundraising event, “Tabemasho,” in our gymnasium. We already had to postpone our Nikkei Open Golf Tournament.

Approximately 95% of the Center’s revenue comes from our programs, classes, workshops, fundraising events, rentals and membership. The impact could result in a loss of over $500,000.00 this year.

Unlike most community nonprofits in Japantown, the Center does not receive any support from the government. Our support comes from people like you.

Throughout the shelter-in-place order, the Center has continued to ensure that the community spirit stays alive. We have reached out to our Nisei/seniors to ensure that they remain safe and to let them know they are not forgotten. We have sent letters, written cards, created activities to do at home, called just to say “hello” and made ourselves available to run errands.

We have utilized our social media platforms to continue to celebrate our community spirit and promote our cultural heritage as though we never closed our doors.

We humbly make this appeal realizing that many of you may have also been impacted economically, whether it be from business, employment or your retirement account. Belonging to a community becomes even more important during the worst of times. It makes us realize how much we need each other. Some of the most important aspects of our cultural values are the spirit of hope, working together and the need to look out and care for one another.

From this time forward, we will always look at our lives as pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19. For the next several weeks and months ahead, we really won't know what the post-COVID-19 world will look like. Much will change. However, the role of the Center will remain the same and, even though we are apart, we will continue to be a community at heart.

If you are able to, we would be grateful if you would please take a moment to return the enclosed envelope with your fully tax-deductible donation. No amount is less meaningful; every dollar will make a difference in these difficult times. In appreciation of your gift, we would be proud to recognize donors ($100+) at the Ruby, Emerald, Silver, Gold and Platinum Crane levels in our main lobby, website, digital donor appreciation frame and in the printed Fall 2020 newsletter. We also accept donations in honor or in memory of loved ones. 

If you prefer, donations can be made online at

With our deepest gratitude,

Myron Okada                     Paul Osaki                                  Matt Okada   

President                           Executive Director                     Director of Special Events                                                                                                                        and Communications



Donate to our Fall Annual Support Drive

Donors ($100+) will be recognized at the Ruby ($100+), Emerald ($250+), Silver ($500+), Gold ($1,000+), and Platinum ($5,000+) Crane levels in our main lobby, website, digital donor appreciation frame, and in a printed newsletter in the upcoming calendar year.


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