Annual Support Drive

February 1, 2020 - July 31, 2020

Help give the Center a lift-up!

At only thirty-three years old, our elevator has now come to the end of its useful life cycle. Since the building first opened in 1986, it has provided a lift to tens of thousands of Issei and Nisei. It has allowed the Center to become fully accessible to individuals who cannot use the stairs to visit our offices and participate in programs, activities and events offered at the Center.

For those of you who use our elevator, you have probably noticed yellow caution tape in front of its door from time to time this past year. We have had to shut it down for several weeks at a time. Last year alone we paid over $8,300 in repair costs. We had hoped those repairs would extend its use for a few more years. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Last month we had to call for out-of-service repair four times.

A common rule of thumb in the industry is an elevator older than 20 years is a probable candidate for modernization. After 20 to 25 years of service, elevators will reach the end of their cost-effective lives. During this period the elevator may experience decreasing performance along with an increase in service calls.These indicators are clear signs of potential problems and slipping reliability. (

This is certainly true with our elevator. As much as we have tried to extend the life of our elevator, continuing to sink money into repairs will only cost the Center more money and headaches in the long run. In fact, last year due to the age of our elevator, parts were no longer available so repairs had to be made using recycled parts from older model out-of-use elevators.

The Center has been blessed with donors and supporters who have come to our aid in the past. The estimates we received for a new elevator is $130,000 - $157,000. Once we order it, it will take 6 to 8 weeks to design, fabricate and install. 

Donations of $100 or more will be recognized inside the new elevator through 2020.

No matter how much you can give, every donation matters and will help! No amount is less meaningful, as every dollar will make a difference, because the Center does not receive any government or tax dollar support. Please consider making a donation by returning the enclosed envelope with your fully tax-deductible donation. In appreciation of your gift, we would be proud to recognize donors ($100+) at the Ruby, Emerald, Silver, Gold and Platinum Crane levels in our main lobby, website, digital donor appreciation frame, and all donations will be printed in our Fall 2019 newsletter. Remember that donations can also be made in honor or memory of loved ones.

All donations can be accepted online at

With much gratitude,

Robert Sakai                                         Paul Osaki

President                                               Executive Director            



Donate to our Spring Annual Support Drive

Donors ($100+) will be recognized at the Ruby ($100+), Emerald ($250+), Silver ($500+), Gold ($1,000+), and Platinum ($5,000+) Crane levels in our main lobby, website, digital donor appreciation frame, and in a printed newsletter in the upcoming calendar year.


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