The Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (the Center) is a two-story facility in the heart of San Francisco's Japantown. 
The Center was constructed in two phases - its main building completed in 1986 and the addition of the gymnasium and art/exhibit space in 1990. With 17,500 square feet of multipurpose space, our facility is designed and equipped for all types of activities and events.

1973年に設立、ジャパンセンター (Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California 略: JCCCA) はサンフランシスコジャパンタウンの中心にある、二階建ての施設で、17,500平方フィート (およそ1625.80平方メートル)ある、多目的サービスエリアとなっています。私たちの施設はあらゆるイベントや活動用に設計され、装備されています。


  • Building Facade
  • Nisei Community Hall - Banquet Set-up
  • Nisei Community Hall
  • Issei Memorial Hall

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About Our Facilities

Our facility was built in two phases. The first phase was completed in May of 1986 and houses our administrative offices, conference rooms and tenant offices on the second floor, and the multi-purpose Issei Memorial Hall which is adjacent to a commercial kitchen and dish-wash area. The second phase includes a gymnasium, exhibit hall, art room and archive room, and was completed in 1990.

The JCCCNC also provides affordable office space to non-profit organizations in the community, enabling local, non-profit groups to easily provide services in Japantown. See a list of current tenants below.

First Floor:
The Issei Memorial Hall is a multi-purpose space and can be converted for recreational and community programs for all age groups.  There is also an exhibition area to display cultural and historical work by local and visiting artists.

Second Floor:
The second floor houses a gymnasium/community hall with bleacher seating for 150 people and a full-size high school regulation basketball court.  The hall is acoustically designed to accomodate all types of events, including performing arts, exhibitions, lectures and social meetings.  The second floor also houses JCCCNC offices and two conference rooms.  These rooms have a collapsible dividing wall that allows the two rooms to be opened up into a larger space.  




1階: 「一世メモリアルホール」は多目的・マルチサービス用のスペースとなっています。レクリエーションやコミュニティプログラムなど、すべての年齢層に対応しています。伝統的な美術作品や歴史的絵画、ゲストアーティストなど、様々な美術品が展示されている展示会場もあります。

2階: 最大座席数150人対応のジム・コミュニティホールとフルサイズのバスケットボールコート (高校・大学生対応)があります。こちらのホールはスポーツだけではなく、様々なイベントに対応できるようになっています。伝統工芸、展示会、講義やワークショップ、ソーシャルイベントなどが、過去にこちらのホールで行われました。2階にはJCCCNCのオフィスと会議室が二つあります。会議室は折りたたみ可能な仕切り壁で分かれており、必要な場合には壁を畳んで、大人数でも使用可能な会議室になっています。

Current Tenants

Japanese Community Youth Council (JCYC)JCYC

JCYC supports the needs of the diverse, multicultural population of children, youth and families throughout San Francisco by providing a comprehensive continuum of care; empowering young people to realize their full potential; providing leadership in collaborative efforts; and supporting the cultural, educational, recreational, and vocational needs of children and youth.

More Info: www.jcyc.org
Telephone: (415) 202-7909
Email: info@jcyc.org

Kimochi, Inc.

Kimochi provides culturally sensitive, Japanese language-based Kimochiprograms and services to seniors and their families. Services include transportation; congregate and home delivered meals; referral and outreach services; health and consumer education seminars; healthy aging and senior center activities; and social services. Kimochi provides lunch for approximately 300 seniors daily (Mon-Fri) at the JCCCNC.

More Info: www.kimochi-inc.org
Telephone: (415) 931-2294
Email: kimochikai@kimochi-inc.org


「Japanese Community Youth Council (JCYC)」


詳しくはこちら: www.jcyc.org
電話番号: (415) 202-7909
Eメール: info@jcyc.org

「キモチ株式会社 (Kimochi Inc.)」

キモチ株式会社は、日本語で主催されるプログラムや、シニアの方とご家族に日本語と英語でサービスをご提供しています。運転サービス、手作りの料理の提供 (お届け可能)、紹介およびアウトリーチサービス、健康や消費者教育セミナー、健康的で楽しいシニアセンター活動、社会的活動支援などのサービスを支援しています。キモチ(株)は、JCCCNCで毎日300人ほどの方々に昼ご飯を提供しています。(月 - 金)

詳しくはこちら: www.kimochi-inc.org
電話番号: (415) 931-2294
Eメール: kimochikai@kimochi-inc.org


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