Since March 12, 2020 and through the imposed Shelter-in-Place (SIP) ordinance, we have created activities and programs to keep Center constiuents active and engaged.  We have  sent recipes, puzzles, Japantown updates and games to our Nisei/senior members and particpants, and started weekly virtual bingo. The Center has developed online cooking and genealogy workshops, virtual events and gathering spaces and have even begun providing some of our regular ongoing classes online, like chair aerobics class, yosakoi, art/drawing,  and will continue to add others.

Our current online programs can be found here: LINK to VIRTUAL PROGRAMS


If you are looking for ways to keep busy while you are at home, please see our puzzles and games below, links to other websites on Japan, virtual visits to Japan, Japanese language, and California and San Francisco City Department of Health resources and services. You can also check our home page and virtual programs page (coming soon) or contact us at or (415) 567-5505.

You can also engage with us on our social media platforms: Facebook (@likeJCCCNC), Instagram (jcccnc_sf) and YouTube (JCCCNC 1840)

This summer, our Kase Nikkei Community Scholarship interns created A Community Guide to Quarantine: a community-sourced guide for supporting each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was distributed to Nisei members, and can be viewed online ( and a limited number of copies available, please call for details.



The Kase Program interns also planned and presented two online webinars on coping with stress during COVID-19 with Dr. Satsuki Ina and Dr. Kayoko Yokoyama.



Japanese American (JA) Pictionary 

Gather friends or family for a fun game of Pictionary, JA style!  Print and cut our exclusive Center developed JA Pictionary series of cards and start drawing to win!

Supplies needed:

  • JA Pictionary cards (download below)
  • Pencils, pens or markers
  • Paper or dry erase boards
  • One minute timer
  • Scissors to cut cards

How to play:  

  1. Divide players up into teams.  If you only have three players you can designate one person to draw for the entire game.
  2. Give each team something to write with and draw on.
  3. Keep a separate piece of paper to keep score.  For every correct guess that team will be awarded one point.  Set a point goal for the game to end.
  4. Have one person from each team look at the same card.  Give him/her five seconds to look at the word.  When they are both ready start the timer for one minute.
  5. The first team to guess the correct word will be awarded one point.
  6. Have the next player from each team come up to draw.
  7. Continue this until one team reaches the points goal.


  • You cannot use words or numbers.
  • Gestures and verbal and non-verbal cues are not allowed.


Print on card stock (or regular paper) and cut on lines to create cards. Two sets based on the themes Japanese/JA culture and San Francisco Japantown.







Please be advised that the following information is provided as resource information. The Center is not promoting or endorsing any of the listed activities or application.

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