We created these pages to keep you informed during our COVID-19 closure and phased reopening. Please check back for updates.


On March 12, 2020, before the mandated city-wide Shelter-in-Place (SIP) started, the Center closed its doors and ceased all programs for our concern for the community's health and safety.  Since then, we have learned how deadly the COVID-19 virus is and have remained closed due to ongoing mandates. During this time, cases have declined and peaked, and a vaccine is starting to be administered. As of February 1, 2021, we are still unsure when the Center will be allowed to reopen our doors, although when we do, health and safety will remain our top priority. Please continue reading to learn more about our SIP goals, reopening plan and where to source virtual programs, past communication and fun things to do at home.

The Center's goal from the start of the SIP Order was to create a dynamic social media presence and online interactive programs as though the Center never closed its doors. As in every community, the Center is the heart and soul of activities and programs and is a central gathering place that provides stability through its leadership in the community. We felt our members, program participants, online followers and the community at large needed to know that despite the SIP and closure of the building, we were still the heartbeat of the community. Our motto during these challenging times has been, "Although We Are Apart —We Are a Community at Heart."

Our Four-fold COVID-19 Pandemic Activities and Outreach Plan:

Weekly Outreach to our Nisei Population

Our seniors are the most vulnerable population we serve. Seniors were the most restricted to staying at home during the pandemic and we were concerned about their social isolation, physical and mental health and ability to perform essential and daily tasks. The Center felt it was necessary to stay in touch and reach out to them by sending them weekly letters. We also send them handwritten cards, postcards and activities they can do at home. Staff and volunteers bake cookies and treats for them, staff play games with them over the internet, and board members make regular phone calls. 


Create a Massive Online Presence Through Social Media

We post and share culturally relevant and community-related messages, games, events, stories, news articles and activities. We look to continue to create more interactive opportunities on our social media platform to engage our users, including an ongoing Japanese American trivia contest, chat rooms to discuss issues, a community history app and other cultural games and activities. We hope to expand that as we look to build a virtual community.

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Continue Center Outreach

We continue to send our members, program participants, and donors Center related materials, membership information, donor solicitation and our quarterly newsletter. In addition to our quarterly The Center Newsletter, we also send monthly electronic newsletters to inform community members of the Center's status, our reopening plans, including our safety and health procedures, and upcoming programs and events.


Online Interactive Programming

The SIP has allowed us the time to experiment with online (virtual/live) programming, classes, workshops and games. We have been offering cooking courses, workshops for researching your Japanese ancestry, understanding your family Kamon and social interaction activities such as karaoke, family recipe sharing and cultural classes. Our social media followers increased to 5,000, and our virtual programs have had over 9,500 participants and views.

  • Find our current Virtual Programs HERE

We added a webpage that host activities, games and puzzle that you can do at home, including our Center JA Pictionary game for the family.  There are also links to past online programs interesting websites about Japan and a pdf copy of our A Community Guide to Quarantine, published by our 2020 Kase Nikkei Community Program interns.

  • Explore our Center at Home Activities HERE
  • View our past online programs, workshops and event HERE


Deliveries to Nisei


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Takako and daughter Mikiko
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Virtual Program Statistics

(March-November, 2020)

Looking Ahead to a Safe Reopening
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Caring for our constituents and providing exceptional service has always been a priority at the Center. While the recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and how business is conducted, we remain optimistic. We look forward to welcoming all of you with a commitment to ensure your health, safety and comfort. To learn more about our plans to reopen and our health and safety guidelines – visit our Reopening Plan Page.

We look forward to welcoming you back!



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