“Yonsei Eyes” and “My Dog Teny” Film Screening
and Q&A with Director Jon Osaki and Narrators Mika and Lee Osaki
Sunday, August 13th, 2017, 1:00 p.m.
FREE Admission

Join us for a FREE screening of the new documentary, “Yonsei Eyes” and a film adaptation of the book “My Dog Teny.”  A special Q&A session and sneak peek preview trailer for a new film by the director will follow the screening.

Yonsei Eyes is the story of two fourth generation Japanese Americans who embark on a pilgrimage to the place where their grandparents were once imprisoned during World War II. Their journey takes them to the desolate site of the Tule Lake Segregation Center where they begin to understand the profound hardships and indignities their grandfathers, Tsukasa Matsueda and Wayne Osaki, once had to endure. Their poignant and reflective exploration into the mass incarceration of Japanese Americans provides a unique perspective from the eyes of youth who will one day have the responsibility of passing on the story of the Japanese American incarceration to future generations.  Yonsei Eyes trailer from Jon Osaki on Vimeo.

Originally a heartwarming essay by Wayne Osaki turned into a children’s book illustrated by Felicia Hoshino, “My Dog Teny” is the true story about a boy and his dog and the friendship they shared during the Japanese American community’s forced evacuation during WWII. We will be screening a film adaptation of the book following the screening of Yonsei Eyes.