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Valentine's Chocolates Creative Tech Workshop


Saturday, February 9, 2019
2:30 p.m, - 5:30 p.m.
With creative tech instructor Charles Brandt
$25 Members, $30 General Public


In Japan, on Valentine's Day it is common for girls to give chocolates to friends and also the the person they like, especially tezukuri choko - handmade chocolates. Don't worry, boys are expected to reciprocate on White Day, celebrated one month later on March 14. Our Creative Tech Workshops instructor Charles Brandt will lead a fun Japanese Valentine's Day-themed workshop using vacuum molding to make your own chocolates. Make your own chocolates for someone special, your friends, or even yourself while experimenting with vacuum molding. This workshop could also be a great early Valentine's Day date for couples!

Our Valentine's Day Chocolates workshop is the next of our new series of Creative Tech Workshops at the Center. In the coming months, we'll be offering a series of crafts workshops with our Creative Tech instructor Charles Brandt for various age groups that will feature do-it-yourself and hands-on crafts projects using a mixture of basic technologies, ingenuity, and culture!

About Charles Brandt

 Charles Brandt worked for over ten years making video games before he moved to Japan to teach. In Fuji, Japan, he founded a maker club to teach people of all ages about using technology and science to enhance their skills and create new things. He recently returned to San Francisco where he continues his work to teach people about making through his workshops. Charles has a master's degree in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University, and currently works as  a virtual reality software developer. While teaching in Japan, Charles taught at a local high school as well as a special needs school. Charles' introduction to using tools and technology to make things is rooted in his upbringing on a farm, where he used to watch his father do woodworking. Upon discovering the Maker's Movement in the Bay, Charles started participating in workshops and along the way became an active maker, and carried that passion with him to Japan. Charles explains, "In Japan I was a bit bored because I lived on the edge of town near the tea fields and had to invent my own fun. I started developing projects and got two grants to start the maker club. The club was slow at first but it started growing and it became quite popular. Workshops we did included: metal etching, making rubber stamps with a laser, 3D photography, virtual reality with Google Cardboard, mushibots, light photography, water calligraphy, 3D printing, giant bubble making, and 3D scanning." We hope to bring many more enriching and engaging workshops to the Center and help spark imagination and inspiration to our community through our Creative Tech Workshops with Charles!


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