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Upcoming Workshops and Events

Thursdays, October 4-25, 2018: Ukulele 101: For the True Beginner



Saturday, November 3, 2018: Tsute Fude Brush Pen Calligraphy Greeting Card Workshop




Ukulele 101: For the True Beginner

Thursday Evenings, October 4-25, 2018
Instructor: Don Sadler

This four week course will cover basic skills starting with how to tune, hold and strum your ukulele.  Learn chords and techniques that will have you playing and singing in no time!  The class is open to adults, and will prepare budding ukulele players for the Center’s ongoing Intermediate Ukulele class.  All you need is an ukulele!




Tsute Fude Brush Pen Calligraphy Greeting Card Workshop

Saturday, November 3, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
With Kayoko Kanazawa
$55 Center Members, $65 General Public


Join instructor Kayoko Kanazawa as she teaches Tsute Fude, brush pen calligraphy, a distinct Japanese style of brushwork with a decorative visual element. Learn how to make greeting cards for the holidays using the fude brush pen style, perfect for your Christmas or Oshogatsu (Japanese New Year's) greetings! Workshop includes all materials, including your own fude brush pen to take home with you!

What is Tsute fude?
Tsute fude is a style of contemporary Japanese calligraphy. “Tsu - Te- Fu - De” (伝筆). In Kanji, “伝” (Tsu-Te) means “connection” and “筆” (Fu-De) means “brush” as a special brush-pen is used for this method. Tsute fude is a unique way to draw messages and an easy way to express your thoughts and emotions, particularly the feelings of the heart. This technique uses Japanese calligraphy characters but allows you to express yourself with more freedom and fewer rules than traditional Japanese calligraphy. Enjoy creating decorative and greeting cards with artistic letters in as short as a 90 minutes, in this calligraphy workshop.

About Kayoko Kanazawa
Kayoko started teaching this wonderful style of Japanese calligraphy in 2017 and absolutely loves it. Often while drawing,  she forgets the time and works late into the night! Kayoko's Japanese calligraphy classes are so much fun, filled with learning, laughter and discovery. "It is such a joy for me to see the amazement and satisfaction in the faces of my students as their writing skills rapidly advance," explains Kayoko, "I hope to share this wonderful experience with you and see your hand writing grow. It is a skill that you will find joy in sharing with friends and family for many years to come."


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