Annual Support Drive

August 2017 - January 2018


Dear Valued Owner,


Thirty-two years ago, the Center held an Open House welcoming the community through our doors for the very first time. Since then an estimated three million people have walked through them. Today, it’s hard to imagine Japantown without the Center. There would be no place for people to participate in cultural classes, workshops, community performances or gatherings, cultural exchange programs, nor a gym to play basketball or to hold events. There would be no affordable office space for nonprofits and most of all, no place in Japantown for us to call home.

When we first opened our doors, everything was brand new – floors were shiny, carpet was fresh, paint smelled new and everything functioned properly.

Thirty-two years later, the Center shows the wear and tear of a well-used facility. Today, things do not look the same and definitely do not work in the same ways they used to.

Like our own home, we’ve tried to keep up with regular maintenance and repairs to have everything running efficiently. However, there comes a time when significant renovations and replacement becomes necessary. Unfortunately, the Center’s annual operating budget does not have the funds to cover these major capital improvements or deferred maintenance items, so we are asking you, as a valued owner, for your help.

Renovations and improvements planned in the upcoming year:

  • The front exterior of the building needs to be painted and stained every five to seven years to prevent the wood from drying out and cracking. If not done on a regular basis, the damaged wood may have to be replaced. It has been 10 years since we were last able to do this.
  • The original heating, ventilation and air conditioning system should have been replaced over 15 years ago. The metal on the machines is rusted with holes and the repair parts are no longer made. To keep them running, we’ve had to scavenge for parts from other discarded machines or have the replacement parts custom made.
  • The roof on the front side of the building has never been replaced and has leaked for the past 12 years. Severe storms from earlier this year damaged the roof to the extent where it would cost more to continue repairing than to replace it.
  • Everything in the gym is 28 years old. The bleachers have splinters and cracks, and the metal support frame is bent and difficult to use. The scoreboard hasn't worked correctly for the past five years, and the parts to fix it are no longer made.
  • The gym floor is well beyond its usable life and can no longer be resurfaced, as parts of it are cracked and splintered. In some places the cracks are so large that there are entire pieces of wood missing. For the past eight or nine years, we have filled the cracks with wood putty or epoxy and have used blue tape to cover areas on the floor to prevent slivers from breaking off.

The Center is owned by the community, people like yourselves; not the Board of Directors, the staff or our wealthy donors. It is owned by the child learning taiko, the seniors playing mah jongg, the families at our Children’s Day Festival, the youth playing basketball and the adults playing volleyball. Everyone who has stepped through our doors owns the Center and bears the responsibility to ensure its future for every generation of our community yet to be born. That is why this Center was built – for everyone to feel like they have a home in Japantown, a place the community owns, and one that can never be torn down or taken away ever again. 

“We need to be proud of our Center and
take ownership in its future”

Paul Osaki, Executive Director

Thanks to the family of Henri and Tomoye Takahashi, your Annual Support Drive contribution will be matched $2 for every $1 donated up to $500,000 toward upcoming capital improvements.

In appreciation of your donation, we would be proud to recognize you in our printed 2018 spring newsletter along with donors ($100+) at the Ruby, Emerald, Silver, Gold and Platinum Crane levels on our main lobby scroll, website and digital donor frame. A permanent donor recognition will be established in the gymnasium in your honor for donations of $1,000 or more.

For more information about how you can help with our campaign, please contact Aya Ino, Director of Development and Communications, at or call (415) 567-5505.

With much gratitude,

Robert Sakai          Paul Osaki                        Aya Ino

President                Executive Director          Director of Development and Communications

The JCCCNC is a nonprofit organization that relies almost entirely on community donations and does not receive any funding from the government.  All contributions are tax-deductible (Tax ID# 94-2560179) to the extent allowed by law.  Donor information is used only for the purpose of acknowledgements and is kept confidential from any other group or organization.



Donate to our Fall Annual Support Drive

Donors ($100+) will be recognized at the Ruby ($100+), Emerald ($250+), Silver ($500+), Gold ($1,000+), and Platinum ($5,000+) Crane levels in our main lobby, website, digital donor appreciation frame, and in a printed newsletter in the upcoming calendar year.


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