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August 2018 - January 2019


Dear Valued Owner,

Happy Anniversary!   Whose Anniversary?  Our 45th Anniversary!

On behalf of the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (“the Center”), we would like to personally congratulate and thank you for your support and dedication in helping us strive toward a dream that started 45 years ago – building an everlasting place for our community.

Reimagine: Celebrating a New Beginning the theme for our 45th anniversary, is about looking forward to the next generation of the Japanese American community and their dreams and visions for our Center.  With the passing of the Nisei and aging Sansei generations, it’s time to bestow the keys to the next generation to open doors to new ideas and new beginnings.

We would not be able to celebrate our 45th Anniversary Building Campaign this year without you. Last year, with the support of our members and donors, we were able to receive donations to complete the renovation of our Nisei Community Hall/Gymnasium.  The renovation will ensure that the young people of our community will continue to have a home at the Center.

We still need to replace the original heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, as well as our leaking roof over the conference rooms and offices. Unfortunately, the Center’s annual operating budget does not have the funds to cover these major capital improvements and deferred maintenance items.  Our hope depends on people like you.

“Celebrating our 45th anniversary is more than just recognizing the accomplishments of our past. It’s about celebrating what we have become and envisioning our future together.”

– Paul Osaki, Executive Director

Forty-five years ago, the Nisei generation imagined a community center in Japantown – a place where we could gather to celebrate our community and cultural heritage; a place in Japantown for younger generations to call their home; and a place that the community would own forever. The Nisei didn’t build the Center just for themselves but wanted a place for future generations to carry on our community. Over the years, we have fulfilled many of the dreams the Nisei first imagined, but now it is time for our community to reimagine those dreams and create new ones for the future.

It is with gratitude that we write to you this year so that you might honor us with your generous support. Every contribution makes a big difference, as our Center was built one brick at a time. Your dreams and donations have helped build a very special and unique place where our cultural heritage will thrive and dreams for our community will continue to be born.

The Henri and Tomoye Takahashi Family has pledged up to $500,000 for a two-to-one match towards our 45th Anniversary Building Campaign and we don’t want to miss a single dollar.  Last year for our fall annual support drive, $1,000 equaled a $3,000 donation and a $5,000 donation became $15,000!

In appreciation of your donation we would be proud to recognize you in our printed 2018 fall newsletter along with donors ($100+) at the Platinum, Gold, Silver, Emerald and Ruby crane levels on our main lobby scroll, website and digital donor frame. For donations of $1,000 or more a permanent donor recognition will be established in the gymnasium in your honor.

This anniversary year is a great opportunity for you to dedicate your donation in memory of a parent, grandparent, loved one or in honor of someone special.  For Platinum level donors, we would be honored to include a portrait photo of the person being recognized.

Donations can also be accepted online at

For every wish you make for the future of our community, we ask that you consider making the Center a large part of it.

This celebration is yours. This anniversary is ours together and it is with our deepest sense of gratitude that we thank you for your support.

With much gratitude,


Robert Sakai                                     Paul Osaki                                  Aya Ino

President                                          Executive Director                    Director of Development and Communications


The JCCCNC is a nonprofit organization that relies almost entirely on community donations and does not receive any funding from the government.  All contributions are tax-deductible (Tax ID# 94-2560179) to the extent allowed by law.  Donor information is used only for the purpose of acknowledgements and is kept confidential from any other group or organization.




Donate to our Fall Annual Support Drive

Donors ($100+) will be recognized at the Ruby ($100+), Emerald ($250+), Silver ($500+), Gold ($1,000+), and Platinum ($5,000+) Crane levels in our main lobby, website, digital donor appreciation frame, and in a printed newsletter in the upcoming calendar year.


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