June 15, 2019
5:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Mission Cultural Center


ECOPOCA (Ecopocalypse) エコポカ is an art exhibition-event creating an intersection of two alternate realities- an advanced eco-future vs a nuclear apocalypse. The event takes place on June 15th from 5-9:30PM at the Mission Cultural Center, SF. ECOPOCA is short for Ecopocalypse and can be translated into Japanese as Eco=Ecological Poca=Blunder. The visual art, dance performance, eco-fashion, and panel discussion addresses our global ecological crisis, and traumas including the ongoing Fukushima nuclear issue. This event seeks to create a space for creative expression, alliance, cross-pollination of ideas, and healing to transmute these environmental traumas. We encourage artists and attendees alike to share their diverse backgrounds of eco-wisdom which will help us co-create our eco-future.

This showcase exhibition, produced by Nina Bazan-Sakamoto, features 22 artists of varied talents and backgrounds. Attendees will encounter visual and installation art, eco-fashion art, culinary and herbal art, dancers, musicians, and speakers. Participants originate from the local Bay Area to abroad including Japan.

The exhibition starts with an immersive experience of the space- a “ku-kan” of two very possible realities that we stand at the crux of today. This will then transition into the multi-media storytelling dance performance infused with projection art, augmented reality, and eco-fashion from a designer in Japan – the performance will take the audience through the journey of life on earth from birth to destruction and revival. After the dance, we will transition into a panel discussion involving key speakers sharing their experiences as environmental activists, and how they envision an eco-future. During the exhibit, one can enjoy Guam-Japanese fusion cuisine, and healthy herbal drinks.

ECOPOCA takes part in the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Centers’ (APICC) 22nd annual United States of Asian America Festival (USAAF), theme COLLECTIVE// MEMORIES – programming in celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month, and is supported by San Francisco Arts Commission and SF Grants for the Arts.

Participating Artists Include:

Maya Fuji, Nina Bazan-Sakamoto, Fumika Okino, Yukiko Nagakura, Sasha Hippard, Tak Kogatch, Kana Koa Weaver, Marlo Zhang, Poliw.At, Missiah (Radhika Lynnette), Diamund White, Marissa Bergmann, Ayana Dance Arts, Original Man Group, Unity Lewis, Annakai Hayakawa, Krisha, Wiz Amulets, Mamasan’s Bistro, Plantric Love, Tomoko Momiyama and Eryn Kimura


ECOPOCA (Ecopocalypse) エコポカ is a part of the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Centers’ United States of Asia America Festival 2019 COLLECTIVE//MEMORIES